What Sets Us Apart?

We understand that our single biggest resource and asset is you. We need the unity of like minded people who are focused on supporting a token that can provide solutions for the People, Planet and Animals we live with. To achieve that goal the token holder, our CharityByte Champions must be treated with integrity, honesty and equality.

Asset Supported = Mitigate Risk


We created Charitybyte so we could raise money and deploy revenue generated from those funds towards charitable programs. We have several key policies in place to support the underlining value of our value token. Here is the single biggest industry game changer.

    • We allocate 80% of all net proceeds into our Asset Retention Program. This represents a paradigm shift for the crypto industry. Our token is supported by assets. Secure tangible assets like cash, t-bills, GIC, corporate bonds and other low risk holdings. The modest goal of a 3-5% return on those funds is then distributed to our charity and non profit partners.
    • Imagine holding $100 token and having it supported by $80 in tangible assets. We provide real downside protection for our token holders. That 80% support is our short term target. We hope to rise it towards 85% mid term and then 98% long term.
    • Go one step further and imagine you just bought Bitcoin at $50,000 USD. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night if your investment had a stable floor of valuation under it of at least $40,000 USD? We think so.


Each company offer’s different ideas to support the value of their token/coin. However the only true way to support and protect the tokens/coins value and mitigate the downside risk for the holder is for the company to hold assets. Actual assets which provide a stable floor of valuation for the currency. It becomes obvious why tokens/coins like Bitcoin see incredible valuation swings based on a simple “tweet” while others simply grind lower after the Initial Coin Offering when you understand that there are no assets supporting those currencies.  An asset supported value token is the only clear solution for valuation support and mitigating downside risk.

    • The County you live in has a currency which is supported by assets.
    • The shares of stock you buy and sell are supported by assets.
    • Crypto-currency shouldn’t be any different.
    Carbon And Social Impact


    We don’t require anyone to mine for our crypto. We don’t unnecessarily waste electricity, negatively impact the environment or contribute to the wasteful and harmful burning of fossil fuels. We mitigate or carbon footprint through how we work and offset our overall carbon footprint through our charitable causes. The social impact of CharityByte is highly beneficial towards making the world a better place. We represent a green alternative to crypto mining. 



    A tough question as many companies are building out really cool and unique business models that will provide long term benefits to society.

    • However we do take exception with companies which require you to mine for the token/coin. So what is mining? Mining is the act of solving complicated mathematical problems. You need a computer and a special program, which helps miners compete with their peers in solving complicated mathematical problems or other types of tasks. This requires huge resources such as electricity and at the core the wasteful burning of fossil fuels such as coal. Simply put crypto mining damages the planet and contributes to green house gas in the atmosphere. 

    • Crypto mining is the crypto communities dirty little secret. Bitcoin and 98% of the crypto-currencies in the market today are created and operate using some form of crypto mining.  


    • This quote came from the World Econimic Forum website posted on Dec 17,18 when Bitcoin was over $15,000.00 USD. Bitcoin might feel a bit like gold lately, but its rise has not made it very green. In November, a report was published that indicated that activity related to the cryptocurrency exceeded the energy consumption of 150 countries around the world. “I think it’s a massive problem,” said Alex de Vries, author of the report on Bitcoin energy consumption, in an interview with Futurism.


    • This quote came from Fundstrat’s Tom Lee during his May 23,18 interview on CNBC. ” the cost of producing and replicating bitcoin. When bitcoin was trading at around $8,000 on Tuesday,  was actually “trading at cost” because the price of production was actually about that amount.” Very concerning when you understand that 99.99% of crypo-currencies trade well below $8,000


    • We believe that crypto mining will be identified and acknowledged as being significantly harmful to the environment. Responsible governments will bring forward laws or impose sanctions to significantly reduce or outright ban the process of crypto mining.


    • When governments move against crypto mining, investments in those types of currencies will be crushed. Money currently in the market or sitting on the sidelines will be looking for alternative currencies to invest in. They will be looking for a greener alternative.
    Allocation Of Revenues

    Asset Retention: 80%
    We hold cash, government treasuries, bonds, and other low risk assets. This provides valuation support for our token holders. Supporting our token with actual assets is a game changer for the crypto market and imperative to our overall success. Conservative revenue stream generated from those assets will provided funding for our charity partners, off set our carbon foot print and support or brand. This allocation will rise over time with the eventual goal of allocating 98% of all funding into this department.

    Branding & Promotion: 15%
    ​Focusing on brand awareness and market acceptance. Web-site, social media, trade shows, print advertising, billboards, promotional events and other initiatives. Along with the creation of a Fair Trade Marketplace. Our charity partners will also be required to provide marketing support for the funding they receive to help expand our brand. We will reduce this allocation over time and deposit the capital into our Asset Retention Program.

    Administration: 5%
    ​All the normal things it takes to run a business. Operating within fixed annual budgets and focusing on cost containment will always be a key pillar of discipline for us. Upon reaching an overall fundraising milestone of $20M these expenses will then shift over to our registered charity division allowing us to increase our Asset Retention Program allocation from 80% to 85%.

    Quantity = Storage Of Value


    Never more than 21,000,000 CharityByte tokens will ever be created. We have one of the smallest quantities of Crypto available in the marketplace. Similar to Bitcoin but supported by assets and carbon neutral.


    This is significant and everyone should read the white papers very carefully. Starting off with a token/coin count of over a Hundred Million (100,000,000) or even a Billion (1,000,000,000) is not unusual during the Initial Coin Offering (IOC). Many white papers also allow for the company to expand the number of tokens/coins through forks or during future fundraising campaigns. These actions often result in the dilution of the brand and place downward pressure on the token/coin value.

    Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)


    We will not set up our (ICO) or any fundraising initiative to segregate our supporters into different valuation brackets. If you get in early that’s great, if you find us on the last day then you will be treated with equality.

    Allowing everyone to be on a level and transparent playing field will create a stronger foundation for the value of our token and encourage others to join us in the future. Without the support and unity of like minded people we will not succeed. 



    There are fundamental flaws in the way most Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are executed. These loop holes are not there for the benefit for you the public investor. Don’t Get Burned.

    • Many (ICO) offer bonus incentives in the form of additional tokens/coins awarded to those who get in early as compared to those getting in a day, week or months later. This flawed structure creates different classes of token/coin holders resulting in unwarranted competition between those groups. They are building their companies on a foundation of sand.

    This should be a red flag and is troublesome given everyone is participating within the same offering. This type of structure would not be approved in a regulated environment and for good reason.

    Here are two common examples of how you are being segregated into different valuation groups.

    • Actor “A” get 2 coins for a $1.00. Their true cost is .50 cents per coin.
    • Actor “B” buys in days later. They get 1.7 coins for $1.00. Their true cost is .588 cents per coin.
    • Actor “C” buys in weeks later. They get 1.4 coins for $1.00. Their true cost is .714 cents per coin.
    • Actor “D” buys in right at the end. They get 1 coin for a $1.00. Their true cost is $1.00 per coin.

    An alternative ploy is to offer a discount on the $1.00 coin based on when you enter the (ICO).

    • Actor “A” gets a 35% discount. Their true cost is .65 cents per coin.
    • Actor “B” buys in days later and gets 20% discount. Their true cost is .80 cents per coin.
    • Actor “C” buys in weeks later and gets 10% discount. Their true cost is .90 cents per coin.
    • Actor “D” buys in right at the end with no discount. Their true cost is $1.00 per coin.

    It’s very easy to see what Actor has the best chance at recovering their capital or quickly flip the token/coin for profit. Does the phrase “Pump and Dump” come to mind.

    Those structures are very short sighted thinking by the company. It only benefits those in early and it doesn’t take much imagination to guess who has early access and who doesn’t.

    If that wasn’t bad enough there is another significant problem facing the average Actor at the end of the (ICO). The founders often have very short holding periods or none at all after the (ICO) closes before they can start selling their tokens/coins into the market. Many don’t even disclose what the founders are doing. The fact that the founders are selling isn’t the flaw. They created something and deserve to recover their investment.

    The problem is the lack of transparency and disclosure regarding when they are selling, how many tokens/coins are being sold and at what price. They are the largest and most significant group of holders often controlling upwards of 20%-30% of the tokens/coins created. In fact this percentage can be significantly higher when you consider the quantities they control as compared to what is actually within the public domain. Yet they are allowed to effectively hide in the shadows when selling.

    This segregation of token/coin holders into different valuation groups during the (ICO) and the lack of transparency or disclosure surrounding the founders and companies actions after the (ICO) may explain why most tokens/coins lose value in the early months after launch and effectively disappear from the market.

    In early, out early and the last one arriving is left holding the bag.

    What's More Important - The Company or Your Crypto?


    You our “CharityByte Champions” are the most important asset we have and in a real sense you are our crypto-currency. You hold it, you promote it and you share our vision. If together we do not promote our brand and protect the value of our crypto-token then our overall vison will fail.



    As you do your research you will quickly understand that the survival of the primary business is often more important than the people (like you) holding the crypto. This becomes crystal clear when you look behind the curtain, read carefully and understand that nothing is actually supporting the underlining value of the token/coin and how their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are loosely structured in a manner to benefit the founders and insiders, not you the token/coin holder.

    • If the company needs more money to pay for things like executive salaries and bonuses they simply create a new story to tell the market and then release more crypto into the market place. Often diluting the brand and placing downward pressure on the value of the currency and diluting your holdings. This pattern is often seen within the penny stock market
    Founders / Insiders Eat First


    Our founders will never hold more than 5% of the tokens produced. In fact much of what they do receive will be invested into another carbon neutral charity focused venture. Our founders don’t compete with the CharityByte or our token holders behind closed doors. Through contractual agreements with CharityByte they’ve agreed never to sell below what the company is selling the CharityByte token for. This is outlined and updated regularly on our website, providing the public with a minimum 30 day outlook regarding what they could sell their tokens for, how many and when. Our founders understand that the long term success of the CharityByte token is essential to our charitable endeavors. Which is why they began this mission in the first place.



    Take a close look at the significant percentage (25%-35% is not unusual) of crypto they award themselves right at the time of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This percentage can be significantly higher when you look at how many tokens/coins are actually in the public market as compared to the overall percentage of the company the founders and insiders control. Compounding the problem is the fact that there are virtually no controls, no written disclosure and very short holding periods restricting them from selling their crypto based on their personal needs rather than the long term health of the company and certainly with little regard to your holdings. Is it any wonder why so many token/coin valuations tank just months after the ICO is completed and never recover?

    Overhead Kills Companies


    Our administrative departments expenditures are capped one year in advance and will never exceed 5% of funding raised. Much of what we do is completed through our Executive volunteers or Gig contractors. When our Asset Retention Department reaches a milestone of $16M we will shift future administration cost over to your charity partners. This will allow us to increase the funding going into our Asset Retention Department by an additional 5% and move it from 80% to 85%.



    Just look at the number of people listed within most white papers or on their web sites. You would expect that these companies are generating millions in revenue and must be profitable. They are more likely carrying significant debt and / or paying those people with low cost or free tokens/coins which creates a dilution and valuation problem once the tokens/coins are in the open market. This should be a red flag.

    Guaranteed Value Appreciation


    Hard to even type a response to that type of deceptive manipulation. Time to call BS.



    Many claim that they will continue to raise the price of the token/coin over time as though they control the marketplace. Implying that if you buy now they’ve built in a guaranteed step ladder of appreciation. A reasonable forecasting method however using words like “guaranteed” and not mentioning what happens if the market doesn’t accept the higher valuation or the company needs more funding is more than a little misleading. Some discuss burning tokens they created to make what’s left more rare. A few even propose a virtual guaranteed rate of return on the money invested. The phrases “pump and dump”, “ponzi scheme” and “rug pull” come to mind.

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