The Token

We are significantly different than Bitcoin and virtually every other crypto-currency on the market.

Never exceed 21,000,000

CharityByte has been designed to function in a similar manner to Bitcoin.

Where Bitcoin has become the valuation leader within the industry it’s our hope that CharityByte will become the leading asset supported green alternative. Like Bitcoin we will never produce more than 21,000,000 tokens.

We feel that a higher number will dilute our brand, could undermine our valuation and expose us to the volatility associated with day traders who jump in and out of high volume crypto-currencies.

We are significantly different

We represent a paradigm shift within the industry as we are supporting our token with actual assets. No, not some future gold or diamond mine located in the jungles of who knows where. Real tangible assets. Holding 80% of all proceeds received within our Asset Retention Program. Rising over time.

We don’t require the process of crypto mining to create our token. Mining is very harmful to the environment.  A process we feel will become highly regulated and avoided by leading corporate citizens who believe in protecting the environment.  We don’t waste the worlds natural resources or unnecessarily contribute to global warming. We are the green alternative.


Sound business practices

Having policies and actual assets to support our valuation is not a new idea. These are just sound business practices applied to the Crypto World.

Token distribution, disclosure & valuation support
We monitor and control the flow of CharityByte tokens entering the marketplace.

During our drip program a disclosure document posted on our site will provide 30 days prior notice regarding the price and quantities being offered. The price being the minimum price we will sell at. The quantity would be set as a maximum amount of tokens being offered during that period.

Our price will be calculated using a prior moving average within the market and an intuitive feel for the market direction. We are looking to meet the market in price and move up with it. Not contribute to any downward movement in value.

Our token holders, our CharityByte Champions are the most important asset we have. Without supporting you and you in turn supporting our token nothing moves forward. Our goals must align to ensure we expand our brand and together we protect the value of CharityByte.

Blockchain architecture

CharityByte has chosen to use Ethereum as our token and blockchain. The Ethereum network allows us access to the largest user group in the world and also provides us with an architecture fully supported by an ecosystem of existing developers. 

Additionally, because the Ethereum network maintains a dominate market share operating within that ecosystem provides our CharityByte token holders with the widest opportunities for liquidity should they decide to sell or trade their CharityByte tokens.

Our Solutions

To the problems that we see in this industry.

What's supporting your crypto?

We believe the instability and wild valuation swings surrounding many crypto-currencies is the direct result of the token/coin not having any actual assets available to support the underlining value. CharityByte is solving this problem through the creation of our asset supported value token. We accomplish this by placing 80% of all funds received into our Asset Retention Program. Actual assets to support the value of our CharityByte token.

Crypto mining

Did you know that most crypto-currencies are created through a process called crypto mining? Crypto mining waste our natural resources and is killing our planet.  This is the industries dirty little secret. We believe that the negative impacts of crypto mining will become highly publicized, regulated and potentially outlawed by 2022.

How was your crypto created?

At CharityByte we don’t require the process of crypto mining and we don’t unnecessarily waste electricity, negatively impact the environment or contribute to the wasteful and harmful burning of fossil fuels. We represent a green alternative to over 98% of all crypto-currencies on the market today.

Market stability

We believe that the crypto currency market is at an inflection point. Simply building a crypto/coin or token and selling it to the general market is reaching a ceiling. When a simple celebrity tweet can move the entire global market 10%-15% you have to ask yourself, what is the stability of the overall market or the crypto you’re holding.

As the crypto community grows companies along with individuals investing within this space (banks, hedge funds, high net worth individuals) will be looking to invest in a crypto-currency company that mirrors their traditional investment models.

A crypto-currency that offers them mitigate downside risk, provides long term stability, a true safe haven and storage of value. While also being carbon neutral and socially beneficial to the people, planet and animals we live with.

Need a deeper dive?

Whitepaper coming soon.

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