Our Commitment



Our commitment to you

Treat you with integrity, honesty and communicate openly with you regarding our goals and direction. We remain true to what we say and continually support our long term vision for the betterment of the collective good rather than the gains of the individual.

We believe so strongly in our vision and long term mission that our founders have agreed not to compete with CharityByte or you (our Champions) behind closed doors. They will never sell any tokens they hold below the price being offered by CharityByte and will always provide a minimum 30 days written notice prior to selling any tokens they hold.

Our ask of you

Regardless of how you acquire CharityByte we ask that you not resell the token for less than what you acquired them for. Unless of course it’s imperative to your well being. Selling for less hurts others who hold the tokens and who believe in our long term vision. Selling for less could also impact or ability to sell future tokens and as a result negatively impact our charity programs.

Please help us spread the word by passing us onto someone you know or support our vison with a donation.

Our current needs

Can you help?

Financial support

If you love our idea and want to help, please reach out to us or go to our donate button at the top of the page. Canadian Charity tax receipts are available for your support.

Video / Graphics

Is one of your super powers the ability to make words and pictures come to life. If that’s you or you know someone, please reach out to us.


Share our vision with your friends, family and anyone you think can help us expand our brand.  Share us on your social media platforms . We are also available for podcasts and interviews.




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Mailing Address

2 Kings St N, Cookstown, ON, LOL1L0