People Planet Animals

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Charity Operational Policies
Have compassion for others, maintain a high level of integrity and come from the energetic space of do no harm.

Allow our donors a seat at the table.

Listen to our donors ideas and let our community of donors cast a vote in deciding what programs we focus our efforts towards.

Before distributing any money, research and identify other charities or non-profits that we can partner with. If they do it better, if partnering with them leverages the dollar raised, builds our Charitybyte brand and reduces cost then we must work with them.

Don’t recreate what has already been perfected by others.

Funding solutions that impact the People, Planet and Animals we live with.


Programs involving clean water, improved sanitation, food, shelter, health and education. Designed to empower people and raise their standard of living. Some initiatives are designed around micro loan programs that benefit the person, family or community in need while also providing a level of sustainable for the charity.



Conserve and protect the planets natural environment. Reduce the impact of our carbon footprint while aiding in the rehabilitation of forest and oceans. The planting of a tree or wild grasses is one of the most impactful things we can do as individuals. But collectively we can do more.



Working with animal protection agencies and support shelters. Focusing on the reduction of animal cruelty, providing food, shelter and re-homing for the animals we love. Along with protecting the wild creatures of the world, who’s populations are being lost at and alarming rate.


Our current needs

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Financial support

If you love our idea and want to help, please reach out to us or go to our donate button at the top of the page. Canadian Charity tax receipts are available for your support.

Video / Graphics

Is one of your superpowers the ability to make words and pictures come to life. If that’s you or you know someone, please reach out to us.


Share our vision with your friends, family and anyone you think can help us expand our brand.  Share us on your social media platforms. We are also available for podcasts and interviews.




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