Founders Message

The founding member of Charitybyte and our Registered Canadian Charity, People Planet Animals Foundation.


Never exceed 21,000,000, but supported by actual assets.

Hello, my name is Jeff

I’m the founding member of Charitybyte and our Registered Canadian Charity, People Planet Animals Foundation.

I’ve been involved with many charitable organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Ontario Conservatory Of Music and various minor sports associations. I’ve recognized that the most successful fundraisers are those that give something back to the person donating the money.

Many charities use silent auctions or gift certificates to restaurants such as The Keg, Boston Pizza or Tim Hortons. While other charities use the enticement of higher end prizes such as luxury vehicles, yachts, homes and vacation cottages. We will use our Charitybyte token.

I’ve often felt that the donor’s money wasn’t invested and leveraged properly to provide a wider economic benefit to society. This might speak to the general ongoing decline in donations given throughout the world. The largest Charities feel more like corporations. Top heavy in overhead and marketing cost associated with the multi million dollar prizes. Less focused on meaningful results but keenly focused on getting that dollar, your dollar to feed the machine. While the smaller mid-level charities are left to fight for table scrapes and for the most part, stand alone.

I’ve been following the rapid rise and evolution of the crypto-currency market. This community and new world currency is constantly expanding, evolving and the tokens/coins have become a traded commodity much like stocks and bonds or can be spent like traditional cash.

However I see significant structural issues regarding most crypto-currency companies. Here are a few.

No actual assets to support the value of the currency or mitigate the holders risk.

Most are created through the process of crypto mining. Devastating impact to the planet.

Difficult to understand the social benefit of most crypto-currencies.

My vision is to build an asset supported, carbon neutral, socially responsible crypto-currency company and call it Charitybyte.

A crypto-currency company with tangible assets that support the underlining value of the token/coin. A company that treats its supporters with equality, integrity and an open level of communication. A token designed in a way to be carbon neutral and structured to provide solutions for the People Planet and Animals we live with.

Our product is the Charitybyte token/coin and its success directly impacts our ability to execute on our charitable endeavors so significant attention will be directed towards expanding our brand awareness and protecting the long term value of the token/coin with actual assets. What’s Supporting Your Crypto?

80% of all funds are held to support the value of our token. Increasing over time.

15% of funds are allocated towards promotion, brand awareness and beneficial partnerships.

5 % of funds are allocated towards overhead cost. ​Never to exceed 5% of funds raised.

​Charitybyte – A Win For The People, Planet And Animals.

Please spread the word.
​If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.

Live within the light,

Jeffrey G Rottar

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