About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Create the World’s Premier Asset Supported, Carbon Neutral and Socially Responsible Crypto-Currency.

Support our currency with assets that provide a stable floor of valuation. Assets that mitigate the downside risk for the crypto holder and provide them with a true storage of value.

Create the currency in a manner that is carbon neutral. Eliminating the harmful practice of crypto mining which is needlessly wasting our natural resources and killing our planet.

Conservatively invest those assets to provide a modest revenue stream for our charitable programs, offset our companies carbon foot print, promote our brand and support the value of our token.

Our Moral Direction


We commit to doing all we do with the utmost integrity. Coming from the energetic space of “Do No Harm”. We expect and demand integrity from everyone associated with our organization. We do what we say to the best of our abilities, admit our mistakes and take corrective actions. Provide equal access to those we work with regardless of race, fundamental beliefs or other social classification.


We are committed to developing solutions and projects that are sustainable throughout all aspects of our operations. Partnering with like-minded organizations to ensure our projects are culturally appropriate and remain sustainable over time. Such as planting trees, providing food, fresh water, education and empowering people and communities through our mico-loan programs.


We will remain accountable to our donors, supporters, token holders, financial and community partners. We strive to be transparent in what we do and adhere to the highest level of industry standards. Engaging in best practice solutions and operating within the laws and mandates that govern us.

Founders Message

My vision is to build a crypto-currency company with tangible assets that support the underlining value of the token/coin.

A company that treats its supporters with equality, integrity and an open level of communication.

A token designed in a way to be carbon neutral and structured to provide solutions for the People, Planet and Animals we live with.

Jeffrey G Rottar

Our current needs

Can you help?

Financial support

If you love our idea and want to help, please reach out to us or go to our donate button at the top of the page. Canadian Charity tax receipts are available for your support.

Video / Graphics

Is one of your superpowers the ability to make words and pictures come to life. If that’s you or you know someone, please reach out to us.


Share our vision with your friends, family and anyone you think can help us expand our brand.  Share us on your social media platforms. We are also available for podcasts and interviews.




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Mailing Address

2 Kings St N, Cookstown, ON, LOL1L0