Asset supported. Carbon neutral. Socially responsible.

Are you ready?

Investors are starting to understand how big the crypto-currency market is today and will become in the future. Estimated to exceed $8 Trillion dollars by 2027.

Banks, hedge funds and high net worth individuals have also started to take notice of this industry. Many are considering holding crypto while others are now just dipping their toes in.

They are trying to determine if crypto meets their investment guidelines. Is it safe, does it fit within their corporate culture and policies?

We are asset supported, carbon neutral and a socially responsible alternative to virtually every other crypto-currency on the market today.

Asset Supported

Assets that mitigate your downside risk and provide you with a true storage of value.  While also providing a strong foundation of support for our tokens value.

Carbon Neutral

Crypto mining waste our natural resources and contributes to global warming. You now have a choice. Support the old ways or join in the evolution and choose the green alternative.

Socially Responsible

Our company’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. Committed to doing business in a way that is socially responsible and beneficial to the people planet and animals.

Asset supported

80% of our token sales revenue will be placed in an Asset Retention Program. Rising over time.

Assets that remain in place and provide CharityByte with a stable floor of valuation. Assets that mitigate your downside risk and provide a true storage of value for the token holder and CharityByte.

It becomes clear why Bitcoin and many other crypto-currencies see wild valuation swings as the result of a simple Tweet when understand that over 98% of crypto-currencies are not supported by assets.

Imagine purchasing a token for $100.00 and having it supported by $80.00 in real assets.

Carbon neutral

We are now learning how harmful to the environment over 98% of crypto-currencies are. Crypto mining is polluting our environment and killing our planet.

There must be a better way, a greener alternative.

We don’t require the process of crypto mining to create our token. A process we feel will become highly regulated and avoided by leading corporate citizens who believe in protecting the environment. We don’t waste the worlds natural resources or unnecessarily contribute to global warming.

We are the green alternative.

The gift of nature has been handed to us. What are you doing with this gift?

Socially responsible

CharityByte represents the next generations and evolution of crypto-currencies. Currencies that are beneficial to the people, planet and animals we live with.

The revenue stream generated from our Asset Retention Program will be used to promote our brand, off set our carbon footprint and fund our charitable causes.

Our Canadian charity partner People Planet and Animals Foundation will receive funding from CharityByte and distribute those funds into programs that address issues such as fresh water, food, education, health and shelter.

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